These twenty songwriters will take the stage for a chance to come back and play as a paid songwriter at the 8th Annual Red Lodge Songwriter Festival in 2024.

    Ryan Bitter – “Older Than My Age”

    Scott Bragonier – “Missoula Maples”

    J.M. Clifford – “Slow Rolling Train”

    Jess Clemons – “Mendocino”

    Gregory Dwane – “Memory Too”

    Wyatt Easterling – “Throw Caution To The Wind”

    Wyatt Espalin – “Ready”

    Lauren Frihauf – “Bus Stop”

    Kristen Grainger – “Doris Dean”

    Columbia Jones – “Armageddon”

    Jess Jocoy –” The One I’m Living For”

    Ian Kelly –” Glory Beyond”

    Abigayle Kompst – “Vegas”

    Juliet Lloyd – “High Road”

    Gabe Lucero – “It’s A Doggone Shame”

    Daniel Neihoff – “Appalachian Cry”

    Jesica Smucker –” Dinosaurs”

    Maura Streppa – “Singer & The Song”

    Jay Stott – “Dying in Droves”

    Doyle Turner – “Stay Safe Out There”

    Wes Urbaniack – “You Call Me Dear”

    David Walburn – “Mama’s Cooking”

    Sarah Flore – “Lonesome Sparrow”



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