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      Rising Stars David Starr, Carin Mari & Chad Okrusch
      This is a special night, an open mic for festival songwriters of the Songwriter festival. You’ll never know what they’ll play or who they’ll play with. Come join the party.
      Twenty songwriters will take the stage for a chance to come back and play as a paid songwriter at the 9th Annual Red Lodge Songwriter Festival in 2025.    
      Daniel Neihoff, winner of the 2023 Rocky Mountain Songwriter Contest and the finalists from this year’s songwriting contest will perform at a free concert on the Dennis & Nancy Stevens Stage at the One Legged Magpie.
      Rising Stars Abigayle Kompst, David Starr & Carin Mari
      Rising Stars Juliet Lloyd, JD Graham & Marcedes Carroll
      Three hit songwriters will start at the One Legged Magpie , then move to Bone Daddy’s at intermission. The three hit songwriter that started at the Bone Daddy’s will move to the One Legged Magpie for the second half of the show.
      Kalyn Beasley & The Honky Tonk Arcade will rock your socks off at the wrap up show at the One Legged Magpie Free admission with your Red Lodge Songwriter Festival Pass