Welcome to Red Lodge, home of the Red Lodge Songwriter Festival. While you’re visiting we ask you to follow a few simple guidelines. 

    As stewards of our mountain community! We invite you to…


    • Be respectful of our community, our residents, laws, heritage and traditions. 
    • Buy Locally. Our sponsors rely on your patronage. 
    • Help us stay healthy. Don’t make it weird. Wear a mask when asked.
    • Ignite inclusive conversations and show mutual respect for all people.
    • Avoid single-use plastic. Use or buy a reusable water bottle. Please recycle.
    • Be extra kind to our service workers, and remember to tip them. They are the backbone of our community.
    • Breathe it in. Be patient when waiting in lines, for a drink, for a table or in traffic. We’re all doing the best we can.
    • Walk or bike, our community is not that big. Take your time to stop and patronize many of our fine shops, restaurants and bars.
    • Your car is awesome! But please don’t create a new parking space. If a parking space isn’t available on Broadway follow the wayfinding signs to public parking areas. 
    • The love of music is something we all share in common, let’s celebrate that together!!!!  We respect your political views, however The Red Lodge Songwriter Festival is not the place to display your favor or disfavor of political figures. 

    If you’re going into our Wilderness Areas.

    • Hire local guides for your adventures. You’ll learn a lot along the way.
    • Know before you go, be aware of changing weather, trail and/or fire conditions.
    • Pack layers, extra food and water, and wayfinding devices.
    • Go with someone. If you’re going alone, let someone know where you’re going.
    • Bring a bag for TP and trash. Don’t be gross. Leave No Trace.
    • Give wildlife lots of space and take photos with a zoom lens.
    • Always have bear spray accessible on the trail. Know how to use it.
    • Be mindful of geotagging. Social media posts can overcrowd local trails.
    • Put out your campfire completely: douse, stir, douse, and feel.
    • Give back. Donate to the Beartooth Recreational Trails Association, www.brta.org, they build and maintain many of the trails you may be hiking. 

    Thank you for visiting Red Lodge. We love hosting you and hope to see you back again.

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