Growing up as a mixed-race girl in rural California, music was Stacey Joy’s lifeline to a

wider world. She found connection and made sense of her thoughts and feelings through the songs she heard. Music helped her come alive – it was where she belonged, no matter how different she looked.

It is also her gift.

Stacey Joy grew into an inspired songwriter with the voice of a wild angel, overcoming crippling childhood shyness to perform at festivals, concert halls and back-room bars around the world – earning awards and accolades along the way.  Compared to artists as diverse as Norah Jones, Tori Amos, Damien Rice, Carla Bruni, Jewel and Roberta Flack, Stacey Joy’s original music is raw, soulful and alive.

Stacey was a finalist in the 2020 Rocky Mountain Songwriter Showcase.

…gentle and measured to restless and unrestrained…

Stacey Joy is a much-needed breath of fresh air.”  – NPR

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