Gabe Lucero

It didn’t take Gabriel Lucero long to figure out the value of being able to write a catchy tune.

In 10th grade, while just starting out as a musician, the Farmington native penned a funny little ditty called “Watch Me Pee.” To his astonishment, the song became a bit of a sensation in local circles, and every time he performed, people started calling for it.

Lucero enjoyed seeing audience members react positively to the music he had created. Although he eventually settled into a career as an electrician, and got married and raised a family, he has spent the last 40-plus years chasing that feeling of validation he first experienced as a teenage songwriter. This summer, he has released his first new CD in 15 years, “Juice,” a collection of eight original tunes that lean heavily on personal themes, most notably his affection for his family and his home state.

The release of the recording was timed to coincide with Lucero’s planned performance in June at the annual Red Lodge Songwriter Festival in Red Lodge, Montana, northeast of Yellowstone National Park. Lucero, who had taken part in a songwriting class at the event for the past two years, was selected to join a group of other “Rising Star” songwriters for three showcase performances this year over the festival’s weekend-long run.

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